Keith Nunnery

Keith Nunnery

Getting to know Keith Nunnery:
Keith Nunnery has been the president of Acuity Information Systems since August 1995. While sitting at the helm of the organization, he has facilitated the development of acute and agile business practices to sustain the company’s client-base through three economic downturns, including the one which most recently began in 2007.  Mr. Nunnery believes that embracing accelerating advancements in the Business Information Technology industry including Microsoft SharePoint, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS), and Cloud Computing, as well as Business and IT alignment, is growing increasingly important in maximizing effectiveness and efficiency in organizations across the board. He has a high regard for his work and takes pride in helping his clients to reach out to more by doing less.  In the years ahead, he expects to consistently reign in new technologies that will improve business processes, simplify communications, and most importantly, “make a customer smile!”  Evidently, the importance of putting client satisfaction first remains as the top priority for a man who describes himself as “casual, approachable, (and) extraordinary.”

Proof of Mr. Nunnery’s expertise is his membership in prestigious groups and associations including the Charlotte Business Professionals, Search Engine Marketing Association, Association of Information Technology Professionals, Technology Business Alliance of Nevada, and the MainStreetChamber chapters of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Why I am a MainStreetChamber Charlotte VIP and Board Member?
Every business must have an effective marketing plan to promote products and services. Business-To-Business Networking is a proven-successful social marketing practice and without it your ideas are only heard by you.

MainStreetChamber provides a national marketing opportunity within a business chamber.  All startups and growth focused businesses will find MainStreetChamber the ideal chamber to nurture a “Do Business from Anywhere” business model.

MainStreetChamber Charlotte is an important professional organization for Acuity Information Systems & Consulting. This chapter provides us with the following marketing opportunities that are money smart for any operating budget:

  • Predictable business social networking events that deliver results.
  • Focused as a business chamber and a community leader.
  • Organized by business professionals that are innovative.
  • Driving affordable economic recovery and growth opportunities.
  • Closes marketing gaps that our business cannot afford the time.

The no-cost membership to MainStreetChamber is attractive, however AcuityIS is eager to spend extra. I am a strong believer that you get what you pay for. By proposing and contributing to fee-based business marketing programs for MainStreetChamber Charlotte the organization’s value increases as businesses take advantage of the programs in a group setting.


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