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Whether you join MainStreetChamber™ online, at an event or some other way, adding a MainStreetChamber™ Member Logo to your website and/or blog can increase the level of trust and credibility you have with the public and your customers. This purpose of this page is to provide you with various sizes of the Member Logo so you won’t have to adjust the size. Hopefully, one is the perfect size for your website and/or blog.

A Word of Caution
Only members of MainStreetChamber™ have permission to use our Member Logo on their website, blog or materials. You are not authorized to use our Member Logo until you have received your Membership Certificate. Of course, membership in MainStreetChamber™ is free. All you need to do is join online right now by clicking on the Lifetime Membership Certificate in the sidebar of this site. If you don’t see a chapter in your area, you can still receive numerous benefits by joining MainStreetChamber™ online. And, the more members who join in your area, the sooner you will have your own chapter.

If you do not maintain your own website or blog, simply provide the link to the Member Logo page to the individual that does it for you and they will know how to down load it. If you would like to download it yourself, follow these instructions:

1. Select the size that fits best in the location where you would like to post it. Measurements are listed in pixels (a common measurement for web/blog work).

2. “Right-mouse-click” on the image and “Save Image As” to a location on your computer where you can easily find it as needed.

That was pretty easy wasn’t it? We do not include instructions for uploading to your website or blog as there are dozens of different ways to accomplish this depending on whether or not you are using a Content Management System (CMS). Each CMS handles this process differently so you will need to check with your software provider.

When you add our Member Logo to your website or blog, be sure it has a link back to this website. The reason this is important because it will help us secure more members with which you can network and to which you can promote your business.

300 x 66

250 x 55

200 x 44

150 x 33

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