Roledex Application

MainStreetChamber Charlotte Rolodex Application

Please Review our Rolodex Display, Approval, & Maintenance Processes Prior Completing Your Application.  
Rolodex Display
The MainStreet Member Rolodex is provided as a MainStreetChamber Member benefit.  It is NOT a requirement as a member to include your contact information on the Member Rolodex.  
Please be aware that the Rolodex is on Display for anyone to see.  Individual Contact Details are only displayed however, when the Member “Last Name” is Clicked from the List Display to view Member Rolodex Detail Page “How to Contact Me”.
MainStreetChamber Charlotte is not responsible for unwanted communication as a result of the contact information you have provided on your Rolodex Listng.
Rolodex Application Approval
Our Rolodex Entries are Exclusive to Active Members of MainStreetChamber Charlotte, Active Members Submitting an Entry to the Rolodex must have a Current & Validated E-mail address to be approved.  
Not a Member?   Click Here to be directed to Our Complementary Membership Page if you are not yet a member. Your Email will be validated when you join.  
Rolodex Maintenance
Once Approved it is your responsibility to keep your Contact Information in this Rolodex up-to-date.  MainStreetChamber Charlotte reserves the right to periodically verify your Contact Information to ensure the integrity of this Rolodex remains intact.  Rolodex Entries containing invalid contact information are subject to Immediate Removal without notification as part of the standard maintenance process.
**By submitting this application you are indicating that you have read, understand and agree to the Display, Approval, and Maintenance processes of the Member Rolodex.  

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