6 Recommendations for Your Web Site

Is today one of those days where you are sipping coffee slowly or taking a long lunch? Your gazing thoughts are all about getting more leads and sales for your business. Exactly how to do that is quite fuzzy.

Do you have an Internet Marketing plan? Are you using social media like Twitter and Facebook? How about WordPress for a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) web site development tool that can save you time, money, and little to no web programming skills are needed?

A question I get asked the most about Intenet marketing is “How do I get more visitors to my web site?”

The answer to that question is a bit complicated. As an entrepreneur that uses information technology in my marketing campaigns, I’m going to give you 6 recommendations using WordPress.

#1. Learn to create pages in WordPress not a blog roll that stretches to infinity. Create pages with one subject for each page. The length of each page should be held to one full screen in view, not more than two.  You have just a few seconds to hold your visitors attention. Make it easy on their eyes and do not allow them to read for minutes to fully understand what you offer.

#2. Learn what MENU’s are in WordPress. Menus allow you to group and organize your WordPress Pages. You want your site easy to navigate. Make your site complicated to read or find content and you will lose viewers.

#3. Take a creative writing class, get involved with writing clubs or meetups. Writing is an art-form and for many it does not come easy.  Unless you are a natural at poetry or editorial style writing, you can train your brain to do very cool things. Free writes offer great workouts!

#4. Revise old blog articles and pages. Are you writing about time dated material? Review your site and revise content that is outdated or has no importance to your site visitors. Revising articles can be done from just about anywhere and anytime. PC, Mac or smartphone with a WiFi or wired Internet connection, just keep your site up to date and fresh. Change is good, Google loves it!

#5. “A picture is worth…” You know the saying so include thumbnail pics related to your blogs and page content. Plain black and white text lacks character and emotion. Give your site color by changing themes and do upload images to help readers bond with your site.

#6. WordPress site management basics are easy to learn. How about some easy reading to help with WordPress mechanics? Click here, I recommend this book for new WordPress users.

To sum up, give your site color, character and visual references to your content. Make sure you web site is easy to navigate and you don’t have to scroll for 10 minutes to reach the bottom or top of a page or blog. Break up your articles when you have to go beyond one full screen of text.

WordPress is free and is provided by better web hosting providers like Godaddy and BlueHost. You can have a no web site to a several page site up and running in just minutes. Use tools like WordPress as part of your Internet (web) marketing strategies.

Keith Nunnery – MainStreetChamber Charlotte Board Member; President of Acuity Information Systems

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